Emergency Training: Active Shooter Incident

What should I do in an active shooter emergency?

In the event of an active shooter, the USC Department of Public Safety advises all members of the campus community to follow the RUN • HIDE • FIGHT protocol, widely established as the recommended response plan among law enforcement professionals.

  • RUN — leave personal belongings, time is of the essence to get to safety.
  • HIDE — stay out of view, silence phones completely including turning off vibration mode and hiding the lighted screen. When securing doors use belts, cords, or other extenders to keep out of direct range of the door.
  • FIGHT — if you have no choice, fight the attacker using objects that can serve as weapons. If you are with others, work as a group to disarm the attacker until help arrives.

For a comprehensive overview of the RUN • HIDE • FIGHT protocol, USC Safety Services recommends reviewing the “RUN. HIDE. FIGHT.® Surviving an Active Shooter Event” instructional video produced by Ready Houston.

To learn additional details about the RUN • HIDE • FIGHT protocol, please review the video with additional tips from Pablo Ayala, below:

To learn more about tactics to follow during an active shooter emergency, contact Elizabeth Carreño-Diaz, (213) 740-2489 or ecarreno@usc.edu.