Substance use can have a serious impact on individual and community health. The availability of opioids in recreational drugs poses both mental health and medical risks. If you or someone you care about uses opioids or other drugs, treatment is effective and available. In addition, naloxone (commercially known as the nasal spray Narcan) can reverse the effects of an accidental overdose.


Any physician in California can prescribe it to someone at risk of overdose. Naloxone is also available by pharmacist consultation and can be filled at USC Pharmacies on campus. Narcan is covered as a benefit in the USC Student Health Insurance Plan administered through Aetna.

Treatment is available and effective, talk to your medical or mental health provider at USC Student Health to discuss a treatment plan.

Opioids: Education and Harm Reduction with Naloxone SC

In a partnership with the student-led USC School of Pharmacy group CPNP (College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists, USC student chapter), we are announcing Naloxone SC — a student-run website and naloxone distribution program. Students can receive a life-saving opioid reversal kit containing a Narcan twinpack and drug-testing strips. Simply log in and review the educational video and take a brief quiz. CPNP members are also available to provide workshops and Q and A sessions via Zoom, and when Covid safety conditions permit, in-person at both HSC and UPC campuses. Contact usc.cpnp@gmail.com for additional information.

As an additional safety measure, USC Department of Public Safety officers are carrying and are trained to administer Narcan.