Night time Safety

Tips for Staying Safe While Enjoying a Night Out

  1. Use the buddy system, travel in pairs or a small group.
  2. Buy your own bottled/canned drinks, and keep within your own sight at all times.
  3. Skip the alcohol and other substances, stay aware of your surroundings.
  4. Arrange safe transportation to and from home (walking with a friend, using Campus Cruiser or other ride share program such as the USC Safe Rides Program powered by Lyft);
  5. Use the “Go Safe” feature of the USC Mobile Safety App powered by LiveSafe for convenience.
  6. Leave the valuables at home, out of sight, and lock up before you go out.
  7. Carry a small amount of “just in case” cash.
  8. Walk in well-lit, populated travel paths.
  9. If biking at night, wear reflective clothing and a helmet.
  10. Looking for something outside the party scene? Check out Late Night ‘SC!

Interested in learning more about personal safety?

Get to know the USC Department of Public Safety (DPS), who work around the clock to keep our campus environment safe, and provide specialized safety training to USC departments and student groups upon request.

Also, you can find additional tips from the The Los Angeles Police Department website, that provides comprehensive safety guides on topics ranging from vehicle safety to fraud protection.

Seguridad nocturna (Spanish)

夜间安全 (Simplified Chinese)